Vita Bella Concert. Festival Camino de Santiago

Vita Bella Concert. Festival Camino de Santiago

by Les Sacqueboutiers.de Toulouse.

Thursday 3 August at 21:00 h in the church of San Martín de Echo.

Les Sacqueboutiers de Toulouse, led by a totally atypical instrumentarium (accordion, sackbut, guitar, percussion) approach Gregorian chant, fandango or tarantella. The creation of 2021, Vita Bella is at the crossroads of ancient, traditional and improvised music, with a hitherto little-used route; from Spain to the Balkans, from the Mediterranean to Japan, no popular melody can frighten this unbridled quartet ready to do anything to surprise its audience. A heritage dedicated to poetry, a journey that explores the variety, power and richness of melody and brings back memories that seize us.

“Si dolce è’l tormento” (Les Sacqueboutiers)

Organised by: DPH