Summer biathlon

Summer biathlon activity project in the Jacetania region. Ski Center Magda Genuin.
This project was born out of the intention to bring biathlon closer to the inhabitants of the region, an enhancement of a sport that in recent years has become very popular throughout Europe due to the combination of the physical and technical strength that cross-country skiing requires with the precision and temperance of carbine shooting.

Ski Center Magda Genuin, together with the collaboration of the Aragonese Federation of Winter Sports (F.A.D.I.), has developed a programme that allows the inhabitants of the region to get to know and learn this sport in their own place of residence or holidays or, in the case of very small villages, in a nearby village.

What does the activity we are going to carry out consist of?
The activity consists of a 2-hour session (from 10:00 to 12:00 h.) in which the first part will consist of learning how to shoot with a laser carbine by learning the shooting positions both lying down and standing up to develop shooting skills on a target. In the second part, a game will be played combining running, inline skating or cycling with shooting with a carbine in order to experience the difficulty of maintaining shooting accuracy after physical activity and the strategies and techniques to maintain this accuracy when fatigued.


In Hecho the session will take place on Saturday 29th July from 10:00 to 12:00 h.

Information and registration at: www.skimagdagenuin.com