Painting workshop on bags and reflection on equality, by Bienpensar (emotional education)

Painting workshop on cloth bags and reflection on equality

Pilar López comes to share a workshop where she mixes creativity, crafts, painting, and as always happens with Bienpensar (Emotional Education) workshops, she makes us reflect on everyday problems. You can’t miss the workshops that Pilar teaches, in addition to re-educating us, making us reflect and helping us correct behaviors, you always have a great time.

“Well-thinking is a concept based on uniting the strength of thoughts with the awareness of emotions, helping to order what we feel through reason, giving it a name through language, describing our states to understand them and ourselves and, consequently, understand others better”, is how Pilar defines the concept of Bienpensar and names her project.

Mondays, June 13 and 20 in Hecho. Pallar de Agustín. (Tourist Office) 18:30 – 20:30h
If you want to know more about Pilar López and her project Bienpensar (Emotional Education), take a look at her website

See the Bienpensar website (Emotional Education)