The Hecho Valley is part of the Valles Occidentales (Western Valleys) Natural Park formed by the westernmost  valleys of Aragón which have conserved their pristine landscapes and nature – Ansó, Hecho, Aragüés del Puerto and Aísa.  The Park forms part of the Red Natura 2000 network and is a Special Bird Protection Zone (ZEPA). The landscape of forest, pastures, peaks, glacial valleys and limestone caves is home to Brown Bear, Chamois, Marmots, endemic plants, flowers, and animals and many bird species including Lammergeier, Golden Eagle and Wallcreeper…


It´s not an illusion. It´s real!
The Selva de Oza is one of the most surprising valleys of the Aragón Pyrenees and emerges after the impressive Boca del Infierno (Hell´s Mouth) gorge. It has dense Beech, Silver Fir and Pine forests and is crowned by the rocky peaks of Peñaforca, Chipeta and the Castillo de Acher.
"One of the most spectacular and beautiful places I have visited in the Pyrenees. Recommended for all ages. I´ll definitely be back. "
yolmadoan71 -Valencia Tripadvisor


Endless meadows, a hikers Paradise.
Further up from the Selva de Oza the high mountain pastures begin. The endless valley along the River Aragón Subordán is the start of many hiking routes and, at the end, the hanging valley of Agua Tuerta will take your breath away.
“We did a long walk with the children to the end of the valley surrounded by cows and horses. We loved it.”
elenamartín -Valencia. Tripadvisor


High in the valley where the peaks are the big attraction.
Easy to get to, and at 1400 metres, you can just about reach out and touch the Lenito and Agüerri peaks from the meadow. Paths go through beautiful forest and higher towards incredible landscapes and peaks. In winter it’s a perfect place for snow shoeing and back country skiing.
“Amazing surroundings and ideal for hikes and peaks”
Marcg364 -Barcelona. Tripadvisor


A hardly known territory
The Chesos – people from Hecho – spent the winters in and around Santa Lucia in the next door valley. With its warmer climate and some excellent walking routes it´s ideal for hiking in the colder months of the year.
"Many trails, hidden swimming holes and gorgeous landscapes."
Ferry179, Huesca Tripadvisor