XXXI International Festival on the Camino de Santiago. The poster by Javier Mariscal

La Ritirata concert

Every musical vision can be potentially valid, but when the instruments used and their way of interpreting them correspond to the experiences of the composer in his time, somehow the pieces of the puzzle fit together creating an indisputable synergy. Starting from this principle, the Bilbao cellist Josetxu Obregón generates La Ritirata, a training dedicated to historical interpretation with the intention of rediscovering Baroque repertoires, Classicism and first Romanticism, from the appearance of the cello until the line between its historical and modern interpretation narrows at the end of Romanticism. La Ritirata takes its name from the last movement of the quintet “La Musica Notturna delle strade di Madrid” in honor of the cellist and composer Luigi Boccherini.

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La Ritirata concert
9:00 p.m.
Church of San Martín de Hecho
Camino de Santiago International Festival.

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