Festival PIR_2023. Aragüés del Puerto

Festival PIR_2023. Aragüés del Puerto. 30 June and 1 and 2 July.


This year as a major new feature at the PIR Festival 2023 is the organisation of a Dance and Traditional Dances Workshop to return to the PIR the festive spirit of popular music and the participation of the people who come to see us, in essence that the dance is a important part of the Festival. To this end, we are collaborating with Aiko Taldea (cultural association of musicians and dance teachers that works for the dissemination of traditional dance.l and have a long track record as professionals). In addition will participate in the classes musicians and dancers froml Folkloric Grouplórico Alto Aragón.

The courses will start on Friday afternoon, June 30 and will last until Sunday morning. in the morning. From Aiko Taldea is in charge of the publicity and diffusion of the courses, registrations, etc., ……

TRUCO AWARD. Institute of Alto Aragonese Studies.

In the current edition of the PIR Festival 2023 the Truco Award goes to a group, an association, an individual, …. aragonesa. From the presidency of the the Committee of Culture would like to propose that this year the Prize be for the
Institute of Altaragoneses
The purpose of the DPH is to purpose is the research, study, dissemination and defense of the natural and cultural values of the province of Huesca in its different aspects.. Over the years the prestige of the Institute is impressive , recognized especially for the work for the work it has carried out in the following areas:

The defense of the cultural heritage of the province of Huesca and its socioeconomic and territorial interests.

The study and research of the culture and resources of the province and the support of such studies through relevant actions.

The dissemination of the province’s culture through all kinds of activities.

Coordination and exchange with other entities of a similar nature.

The study and promotion of the province’s natural and cultural resources, in pursuit of the economic, social and cultural growth of the territory.


Friday, June 30

20.00 h. Concert with the group LOS BUFACALIBOS (Aragón).

Saturday, July 1st

12.00 h. Performance Paloteau of Aragües (Aragon).

13.00 h. Concert with the group LA SONSONI (Catalonia).

18.30 h. Performance of the Grupo DIJAZZONIC(Catalonia).

20.00 h. Performance of the grupo McONAK (P. Vasco).

23.00 h. Musician’s performance JAVIER IDOIPE (Aragon).

Sunday, July 2nd

12.30 h. Truco Award Ceremony.

13.00 h. Performance AIKO Group (Basque Country)

18.30 h. Group Performance VEGETAL JAM (Aragon).

20.00 h. Group Performance PARPALHON (France).

More information: Agenda Turismo Jacetania