Concert “Passengers of the Wind”. LoMon23

Concert “Passengers of the Wind”. LoMon23

Saturday 15 July at 23:00 h in the Town Hall Square (Echo).

In the 80s, the love of music brought together four chesos twenty-somethings to rehearse covers of their favourite bands: Páralisis Permanente, La Dama se Esconde, Los Suaves… Their rapport and creativity led them to go one step further: they changed their original name from Condes Xiquena to Pasajeros del Viento and began to compose their own songs, releasing their first and only album “Impresiones”. 35 years have passed, Luis Pedro (bass and vocals), Ibón (keyboards), Coco (drums) and Juanma (guitars), always friends, family and residents of Echo, are back as part of the Lo Mon Contemporáneo Artistic Residencies with a concert on 15 July in Echo which they have called “Epilogue”.

“Darkness” (Wind Passengers)

Organised by: Valle de Hecho Town Council

In collaboration with: DPH