Children’s film “Mummies” (2023)

Children’s film “Mummies” (2023)

Wednesday 23 August at 20:00 h at the Echo Cinema.

1 h 29 min. Animation. Family. Adventures.

Synopsis: Mummies are now part of the most famous museums in the world, however, these buildings are not their only homes, as deep underground there is still a city completely populated by mummies. It’s not all happiness in this secret place, Princess Nefer is being forced to marry Thut, who doesn’t want marriage either. Nefer because he wants to live in freedom to explore the world and Thut because he does not want a wife at all. Meanwhile, in the human world, Lord Carnaby finds an Egyptian wedding ring in a dig. Thut will have problems with this and will have to travel to the human world to try to recover the treasure. He will not do it alone, he will have the help of his twelve-year-old brother, his pet crocodile and Nefer. (Sensacine)

Trailer of the film

Organised by: Cine Club Echo and Valle de Hecho Town Council.