Discover our winter landscape on cross country and back country skis, using snow shoes or simply walking.  Go sledging, make an igloo…

The more adventurous version of cross country skiing lets you venture off groomed tracks by using a mix of cross country and telemark techniques. Little known here, it’s a popular way of getting off the beaten track in Scandinavia and the U.S.
Gabardito 1400m Medium level
Selva de Oza 1150m Easy level
Guarrinza 1300m Medium level
Agua Tuerta 1500m Medium level
Snowshoes help you walk on snow without sinking at every step – much easier! You can go for a short excursión or do more ambitious routes in the company of a guide. It´s a great way to explore the valley in winter
Pistas de Gabardito 1400m Medium level
Bosque de Oza 1200m Easy level
Pista de Guarrinza 1300m Medium level
Ibon de Acherito 1600m High level
You´ll truly experience the snowy Pyrenees on a 2/3 day nordic trek. Using pulka sledges to carry your gear you can ski to the more out of the way parts of the valley and camp overnight in a magical winter landscape.
Guarrinza 1300m Medium level
Agua Tuerta 1500m Medium level
Children love the Hecho valley in winter and an excursion to walk, sledge, try skiing or snowshoeing will be a hit with the whole family.
Gabardito 1400m Easy level
Selva de Oza 1200m Easy level