Mountain cooking was frugal and filling.  However, the valley´s restaurants offer both traditional and more modern interpretations of this heritage.  The most traditional dishes here are migas (a savoury dish made with bread flakes), boliches (a stew made with a local bean variety) and lamb – either stewed or spit roast.  Other typical dishes are game, cod, local beef steaks, borage and wild mushrooms.   Each restaurant has its speciality allowing you to choose between contemporary, modern cuisine, traditional cooking, tapas, sandwiches etc.  If you want to shop for local products can buy artisan village bread, cakes and biscuits, locally produced charcuterie and artisan beer …..

Migas are a shepherd´s recipe made with bread, pork and lamb fat. They are often served with St Georges mushrooms, onion, grapes or an egg. Boliches are beans produced exclusively in Embún´s fertile river land. Production is limited and done entirely by hand making Boliches de Embún a unique delicacy often served in the local ´´Jacetana´´ bowl.
You can´t leave the valley without trying the valley lamb – grilled, roast or stewed with vegetables and potatoes. Pork was a pillar of survival in the mountains and families used to kill a pig every year ensuring they had enough to eat over the winter. Nowadays in the valley you can taste and buy traditionally made charcuterie.