It´s not just the competition – enjoy the best atmosphere and organisation with events for all tastes and abilities – You can compete in the Boca del Infierno race, stride out with your friends on the Marcha de los Tres Ibones (The Three Lakes Race) or enjoy a family hike with the Marcha de la Sierra de Los Rios.

Boca del Infierno mountain race
This race, organised by local mountain Club Asamún since 2006, is a favourite with many mountain runners for its beautiful route and the great atmosphere.
Boca del Infierno mountain race (long race) 25 Km / 1,500 m of unevenness
Boca del infierno (short race) 5 Km / 1,000 m of unevenness
La Marcha de los Tres Ibones (Three Lakes Race)
One of the first mountain races, the Marcha started in 2000, and each June many runners and hikers follow a stunning route high in the mountains. It´s a great mountain weekend and the fellowship between competitors and the local volunteers make it an unforgettable experience.
Ibón de Acherito
Ibón de Arlet
Ibón de Estanés