If you need more thrills than hiking and discovering incredible landscapes, wild animals and pristine nature you can try canyoning, climbing, paragliding, mountain biking, ziplines…..

You can have fun with the whole family in the Selva de Oza – the Bosque de Oza is a park with tightropes and 8 zipline trails for all ages running through the forest trees.
Circuits for children
Circuits for adults
The Aragón Subordán running down the valley cuts the Boca del Infierno gorge which is a beautiful canyoning route suitable for all ages. Other canyoning routes in the valley are the Estriviella stream, Lo Jardín and Hospital canyons making for great variety.
Cañón Boca del Infierno
Barranco de Estriviella
Barranco de Siresa
Barranco de lo Jardín
Vertical cliffs, balance and dexterity – the Articaliena is a beginners via ferrata near the Selva de Oza – you climb up to the peak of Peña Articaliena (1490m. Difficulty K2/Effort 2/ psychology 1/ stamina 1. Length 3.75 km. If you don´t have experience we suggest contracting a guide to show you the ropes.
Climbing and via ferrata
There is a take-off zone for paragliders on Monte Remílez just above the village of Hecho. You can get to the Planatelún and Borda lo Serrano take-off points by car and if you walk up to the summit (1 hr) you are 1000m above the valley floor. The take-off points allow take-off with the wind coming from any direction and you are always above the thermal inversion layers in the valley.
Take-off zone 1 Planatelum
Take-off zone 2 Borda Lo Serrano
Take-off zone 3 Cima Remílez

If you want adrenaline you will need ...