Hecho is a perfect, uncrowded valley to come and enjoy nature, peace and beauty at any time of year.


In Spring the forest comes to life and there as many shades of green as there are types of tree. Water flows abundantly and the snowfields high up intensify the light.
In Summer you can stay cool in the shade of the forest. If you go higher you are more likely to find flowers and wildlife alongside sheep grazing the alpine pasture than to see other people. On your way down have a dip in a mountain pool to cool off.
  • Sleep in a tent and watch the shooting stars in August
  • Test yourself in the Tres Ibones race
  • Go birdwatching
  • Go swimming in a mountain pool and if you like it maybe try canyoning.
  • Go zip-lining with your kids and friends.  You can enjoy it as much as the children!
  • Have a cool Pirineos Beer in the shade of Oza´s giant trees.
  • Go up Castillo de Acher and be amazed by the views.


The valley starts changing colour in October the Beeches, Limes, Walnuts, Oaks and Maples produce amazing Autumn colours combined with the evergreen pines and firs.
It´s a perfect time for hiking in the forest and mountains and also for wild mushroom picking. When the snow comes the hills turn white and the lakes freeze over. The landscape is stunning and perfect for snowshoeing, ski touring and backcountry skiing.
  • Take a walk through the Autumn colours of the Gabardito and Oza.
  • Pick wild mushrooms
  • Have a hot soup looking at the flames in the fire
  • See the flocks come down from the high pastures
  • Watch the vultures soaring
  • Go sledging with your children
  • Go up to Agua Tuerta on snowshoes
  • Do a nordic skiing trek